TRB Tools & Sales inc. 


Our Team :


Tim Barman

CEO and President

Erik Hertin

Operations Manager

Jonathan Camarena

Sales Representative 


Services We Offer:

At TRB Tools & Sales Inc. we offer a full line of cased hole completion products for both complex and conventional scenarios, in addition to multiple product lines to help you maximize efficiency. We pride ourselves in exceptional customer service and reliability with an emphasis on safety and performance. 

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       Sellable Equipment:

  • Completion Packers

    • Hydraulic Packers

    • Dual String Packers

    • Seal Bore Packers

    • Inflatable Packers

    • Thermal Packers


  • Completion Accessories

    • On/ Off Tools

    • Profile Nipples

    • Expansion Joints

    • Premium Coating Services


  • Drillable Products

    • Cast Iron Bridge Plugs

    • Cast Iron Cement Retainers

    • Composite Bridge Plugs

    • Composite Cement Retainers

    • Stimulation Plugs


  • Production Equipment

    • Hydraulic Tubing Anchor

    • Mechanical Tubing Anchor​​

  • Bridge Plugs

    • Retrievable Plugs

    • Abandonment Plugs

    • Wireline Set Plugs

    • Horizontal Plugs


  • Packers

    • Test Packers

    • Stimulation Packers

    • Wireline Set Packers

    • Multi Set Inflatable Test Packers


  • Rentals

    • Scrapers

    • Bumper Subs

    • Tubing Swivels

    • Cup Wash Tools

    • Portable Test Pump

    • Barton Chart Recorder

       Service Equipment: