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TRB Oilfield Services Inc. 

Oilfield Services We Offer 

TRB Oilfield Services offers comprehensive high quality services to the oilfield and industrial energy sectors, including full line oil and geothermal well cementing services, coiled tubing well intervention services, high pressure pumping services, and well plug and abandonment; services. TRB is committed to performing all work in compliance with Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) standards.

Oil Well Plug & Abandonment TRB

Oil well Plug and abandonment is the process of plugging a dry hole well, a well no longer capable of producing oil or gas at economic rates, or a well that has mechanically failed. A series of cement plugs are placed in the well to plug it for abandonment.

Oil Well Cementing

Oil-well cementing involves the primary cementing process of pumping cement slurry down the annulus between the casing and wellbore. The objective is to form a cement sheath that will isolate zones, support and protect the casing, and prevent blowouts by creating a seal.

Oilfield Coil Tubing Well Intervention TRB

Our coiled tubing units are equipped with the following:

  • Some units are equipped with compressors and associated equipment for foam clean outs.

  • The body mount units are equipped with 5M quad BOP's (blind, shear, pipe, and slip pipe rams).

Coil Tubing Services
Oilfield Lab Testing TRB

TRB provides a wide range of lab testing services for the oilfield industry including: Thickening Time Test, Comprehensive Strength Test (UCA), Fluid Loss Test, Sedimentation Test, Free Water Test, Foam Cement Quality Test, and Water Analysis. 

Oilfield Lab Testing Services

TRB Oilfield Services provides a variety of Nitrogen Services to the oilfield and industrial markets. TRB Nitrogen Services include operational support for foam cementing, coiled tubing, well displacement,, well stimulation enhanced recovery and more.

Nitrogen Services
Oilfield Tools & Sales TRB

TRB Tools & Sales offer a full line of cased hole completion products for both complex and conventional applications, as well as multiple product lines to help maximize efficiency. We take pride in our exceptional customer service and reliability with an emphasis on safety and performance.

Casing Attachments
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